From February 14th to 20th, the General Manager, Mr ELOUNDOU ESSOMBA Gaston went on his first administrative visit to the Bertoua, Belabo, Yaoundé and Bafoussam sites. This first session was exceptional in that, the staff of the SCDP and the CSPH walked hand in hand. As a matter of fact, the General Manager of this structure Okie Johnson Ndoh and its Deputy General Manager Mrs Moampea Mbio Manzoua Véronique, joined the SCDP team to learn about the infrastructure of the company in which they are shareholders. It was also an opportunity for the General Manager, ELOUNDOU ESSOMBA Gaston to encourage the CSPH to support the SCDP and the State of Cameroon in the acquisition of new capacities. This first phase also enabled the staff to discuss the security issues with the administrative authorities of the different regions visited (East, Center and West).