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Created on 1th July 1979 by Cameroon the State in order to ensure the availability of petroleum products throughout the country and promote the development of its economy, the Cameroon Company of Petroleum Depots (SCDP) is the first and only company ensuring the storage and distribution of petroleum products throughout the national territory.

It is the last stage of the oil chain that goes from oil well exploration (SNH), transformation (SONARA) to storage (SCDP). That being so, it guarantees the distribution and storage of petroleum products throughout the national territory. To this, we can add another service assigned to it: the products tinting and the rent of the storage tubs to the marketers.


Following his appointment as Deputy Director General of the SCDP during the Extraordinary Council on June 29, 2018, Mr. Gabriel ETEKI EBOKOLO took office on Monday, July 02, 2018.

When he took office, the new DGA held a working session with the members of the enlarged Management Committee and moved on with a visit of BESSENGUE’s deposit.
He insisted on the security aspects and on the need for the SCDP to fulfill the missions assigned to it, namely, to ensure that the oil products belonging to the Marketers and which are entrusted to the company are secured, that the Strategic Reserves of state are in place and that the products are available throughout the country.
Mr. Gabriel ETEKI has a well-made reputation in the oil sector due his knowledge of the issues related to this activity.

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Apart from storage and distribution of petroleum products in the country, the SCDP guarantees the quality and availability of petroleum products. It preserves the Cameroonian State’s strategic security stock, ensures compliance with administrative tax and customs procedures in the field, secures supplies and collects, on behalf of the State, the special tax on petroleum products.