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SCDP has a network of 13 modern depots in 7 regions of the country. This allows it to ensure the total coverage of the national territory.

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The deposits of Douala (Bessengue, Mboppi, Fuel Deido, Fishing Port)

The Douala deposit is the one from which all other deposits in the country are supplied. This is why it has been called the “mother deposit” of the SCDP. A central role that it assumes thanks to a good quality of service but also thanks to a modern and advanced infrastructure. The Douala Depot is a complex with four depots, including Bessengue, Mboppi, Fishing Port and Fuel Deido. These sites are interconnected by supply pipelines from the oil terminal on the Wouri River.
Storage capacity by product:

SUPER 33 000m3
PETROL 15 500m3
DIESEL 58 000 m3
FUEL 21.000m3
The filling station Gaz de Bonabéri supplies the whole country with butane gas. It is mainly supplied by import ship or from SONARA. Two spheres of 500 MT each for the storage of LPG were built in 2015 to increase the storage of this Center. The implementation of these two new spheres now allows the reception of at least 2,500 tons of LPG per rotation.

The deposits of Yaoundé(Nsam, Olezoa et Mvolyé)

Built around the 50s, this complex is located in the Nsam district in the Yaoundé III district, on the banks of the Mfoundi. Renovated, it was inaugurated on February 14, 2015 by hisExcellency the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Philemon YANG. It includes the sites of Nsam, Mvolyé and Olezoa.

Its renovated component was born from the will of the Cameroonian government, in the aftermath of the disaster of February 14, 1998, which saw several bereaved families, to secure the site of the Nsam depot but also all SCDP depots in Cameroon. At the end of this work, the project area increases from 3,5ha to 15,5ha. The key words are security and modernization. Supply is by road and rail.
Storage capacity per product

SUPER 25.800m3
PETROL 9.700m3
JET 1000 m3
DIESEL 29.480m3
GAZ 1000 tonnes
The depot is permanently supplied from the Limbe refinery by road.

Storage capacity by product :

SUPER 8.936m3
PETROL 2.776m3
DIESEL 6.425m3
GAZ 171 tonnes

Located 80km from Bertoua, the capital of the eastern region in the department of Lom-et-Djerem, the SCDP depot of Belabo was born in July 1979 from the ashes of the Cameroonian Society of Storage (SCE) co-managed by BP and MOBIL. The entire storage consists of five large tanks, commissioned in 1981. This depot is essentially supplied by rail.

Storage capacities:

SUPER 1.020m3
PETROL 1.290m3
DIESEL 3.250m3
Located on the Belabo road 3 km from the Bonis crossroads, Center Filler Gaz de Bertoua is a site dedicated to the activity of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) .It is built on an area of ​​3000 m². The main activities of the deposit are:

reception by tanker, storage, distribution: release for consumption through marketers.

The depot serves the Eastern region. Its nominal capacity is 100 metric tons (MT).

The Ngaoundéré depot supplies the entire Adamaoua region as well as part of the North and part of the East.

Storage capacities:

SUPER 1.410m3
PETROL 1960m3
JET 1.420m3
DIESEL 2.170m3
FUEL 950m3
GAZ 95 tonnes
Le Garoua depot serves two northern regions namely the North and the Far North. It is supplied exclusively by tanker trucks from the Douala depot.

Storage capacities :

Super : 2.230m3

Pétrole : 4.900m3

Gasoil : 5.000m3

The gas center of Maroua is located in the village Gkalé 18km from the city. It is operational since September 13 and covers an area of ​​4 hectares. Its specialty is the storage and distribution of domestic gas. It serves the regions of the North and Far North. It is supplied from the Ngaoundéré and Bonabéri depots by tanker trucks.

Storage capacity

105 tonnes divided into three tanks of 35 MT./vc_column_text]