From 02 to 11 September 2015, took place in Douala and Yaoundé the traditional health week in our society. An opportunity chosen by health officials of our company to educate employees about these “silent killers”

Viral hepatitis is an infection that primarily affects the liver and causes inflammatory lesions. Six viruses are responsible for it: viruses A, B, C, D, E and G. We speak of “acute” hepatitis during the invasion phase of the body by the virus; “chronic” hepatitis occurs when the disease persists for more than six months after infection. Hepatitis B, C and D can become chronic hepatitis, making it dangerous.

According to the figures relayed by the Ministry of Public Health, in 2014, in Cameroon, the prevalence of viral hepatitis was about 10% for hepatitis B and 13% for hepatitis C is 4,500,000 people affected. The employees of the SCDP are unfortunately not spared. To cope, the medical days of the company were held from 02 to 11 September.

At the opening of this ceremony on 02 September in Douala, the Deputy Director General, representing the Director General, welcomed the presence of the staff and encouraged him to get tested and vaccinated. According to Mr. Florent FRIMAT, aware that the poor health of the staff would have a negative impact on the performance of the latter itself: “It is the duty of [the company] to accompany and sensitize each other through the organization of this type of campaign. […] This is where we all succeed in curbing the evolution of this pathology among the population. “The idea here is to have a health workforce to meet the major challenges that await the company.

During these days, the focus was on educating staff about the epidemiology, modes of transmission, treatments and complications of viral hepatitis. The medical team consisting of hepatogastroenterologists, working doctors and officials of the International Immunization Center also maintained staff on prophylaxis or prevention of hepatitis.

To do this, Dr. Fotsing hepato gastroenterologist and Dr. Tatiana Djikeussi, Chief Medical Officer of the International Immunization Center in Douala, maintained the staff on the mode of transmission of this disease. In Yaounde, from September 10 to 11, Dr. Talla, a gastroenterologist on duty at the Yaounde General Hospital, raised awareness of the disease.

Faced with these challenges, the Director General congratulated the “dedication of the staff of the Medical Center who, aware of the importance we place on the health of employees, ensures the health watch of our company.»