Proudly sporting his four medals of work gleaned, including the knight medal of the Order of Merit of work awarded on May 20, 2017 by the President of the Republic, during his 34-year career, NZELE Paul Marcel, head section of electricity and telephony the maintenance department said goodbye to SCDP.

It was January 19, at the club house of the company. During this ceremony chaired by the Deputy General Manager , Mr. Florent FRIMAT, representing the General Manager impeded, the divotion and professionalism of Mr. NZELE were noted by the representative of the staff delegates, Mr. ABESSOLO FOUDA.

During his speech, the Deputy General Manager asked “young people” to take inspiration from the path of the new retiree who started at the bottom of the ladder to finish the section head.

At the end of the speeches, gifts were offered to the leaving by the maintenance department to which he belonged but also by the General Management of the SCDP who wished him a very nice retirement as well as a beautiful professional reconversion.