As part of the company’s development, the SCDP has set up a multi-year program to increase storage capacity to respond to local market trends and comply with regulatory stock standards.

For this purpose, the said program has provided for an increase both for existing depots and for new sites to be built. Inside the existing depots, the available spaces make it possible to hold 40,000m3 of additional capacity for various products (LPG, Super, Gasoil, Jet A1).

The Hydrocarbon Terminal at Kribi

The Cameroonian Petroleum Depot Company (SCDP) and the Canadian company Blaze Energy are the successful tenderers of the public-private partnership (PPP) contract for the construction of the Hydrocarbon Terminal of the Deep Water Port of Kribi (Cameroon). In order to protect Cameroon from oil shortages, the SCDP-Blaze Energy consortium, as part of the construction of the industrial port complex of Kribi, works with the agreement of the public authorities and its shareholders since 2008 to implement this avant-garde and futuristic project to build the Hydrocarbon Terminal at Kribi.

The terminal is composed as follows: a maritime part, a wharf dedicated to hydrocarbons with a length of 8.000m2 fixed on the protective dyke of the Port-a terrestrial part – an oil depot with a storage capacity of 302,000 m2 for an area of ​​218ha. Latest pipeline technology between the depot and the wharf for the transfer of liquid and gaseous products with an area of ​​2ha.

Bakassi deposit

In the context of Cameroon and the policy of restocking the peninsula of Bakassi, the Cameroonian Government has just authorized the General Management to consider the construction of an oil depot in this area. Negotiations are underway with the Government, CARPA and SCDP to carry out this project in PPP mode with a Portuguese partner. The forecast capacities of this deposit are 15000m3.