Created in July 2011, the Douala Fire Safety Training Center is in partnership with the Group of Study of Security of the oil and chemical industries (GESIP) of France. It aims to:

  • To provide trainees with the necessary bases to act safely in the daily life of the company,


  • Manage crisis situations and appropriate techniques for fighting fires or toxic leaks.

The Center accompanies the oil and chemical industries in Cameroon and the sub-region in the areas of prevention, crisis management and fight against hydrocarbon fires.

This training center offers trainees ideal conditions to learn and improve in the areas of prevention, disaster management / crisis management and the fight against hydrocarbon fires. They concern as much the industrial sectors of petrol, chemistry, transport, storage, distribution but also the representatives of the administration and any industry at risk. The trainings are led by professionals from the industrial world or the world of public relief. These trainers, relying on quality equipment, allow students to work in very realistic conditions.