The 2014 sports season was very rich in activities, especially with the organization of a triangular football tournament between the Yaoundé, Bafoussam and Douala depots; tournament won by the Yaoundé depot.

Checkerboard Games, Table Tennis and Lawn Tennis also featured and resulted in the following results.

Checkers.1st Nlend Thomas, 2nd  Mbouemboue Mouliom, 3rd Eyoum Belle

Ludo. 1st Mbesse Arsene, 2nd  Keke Dénise, 3rd Kouam

Scrabble, 1st Ntonga Serge, 2nd  Da’ama Gerard, 3rd Mani Anicet

Songho ; 1st Djou Abega, 2nd  Ntonga Serge, 3rd Fouda Ngono

Lawn Tennis. 1st SCDP

To these beautiful shows, let us add that the SCDP won the 2014 ASCIP championship gathering the oil companies. At the end of the 2015 football championship, the SCDP is 9 th ut of 10 teams engaged in this competition. The start of the ASCIP Cup qualifiers is scheduled for August 22 nd , 2015. A great performance of our team is expected.