Following his appointment as Deputy Director General of the SCDP, Following his appointment as Deputy Director General of the SCDP during the Extraordinary Council on June 29, 2018, Mr. Gabriel ETEKI EBOKOLO took office on Monday, July 02 nd, 2018.

When he took office, the new DGA held a working session with the members of the enlarged Management Committee and followed up with a visit of BESSENGUE’s depot.
He insisted on the security aspects and on the need for the SCDP to fulfill the missions assigned to it, namely, to ensure that the oil products belonging to the Marketers and which are entrusted to the company are secured, that the Strategic Reserves of state are in place and that the products are available throughout the country.
Mr. Gabriel ETEKI has a well-made reputation in the oil sector for his knowledge of the issues related to this activity.
Recruited by Ernst & Young from France in 1993, Mr. Gabriel ETEKI essentially worked on the oil sector in this Audit Office. It is therefore natural that he was hired by ExxonMobil in 1998 to take over the management of Internal Audit for Central and West Africa, that is about 14 countries. He is the first African Auditor in ExxonMobil to have been detached for missions in Europe for nearly 2 years.
From 2004, he is at the same time Financial Director in Mali, then in Chad and will return to Cameroon in 2006 just before the sale of Mobil Oil to the OILIBYA group which will take place in February 2007. At that moment, he is then designated as Financial Director at OILIBYA Cameroon, a position he will occupy until his appointment as Deputy Director General of the SCDP.
At the date of his appointment, Mr. Gabriel ETEKI also held the position of Treasurer of the Group of Petroleum Professionals for nearly 8 years.
His contributions in the sector are diverse. The most important remains the one related to securing the collection of the Special Tax on Petroleum Products (TSPP). Indeed, he is the one who proposed and helped draft the text on the payment of the TSPP within reach of (SCDP and SONARA), a measure that has improved by nearly 4.5 billion, the collection of the TSPP and thus ended the diversions so far observed of this tax. He also represented the oil sector in the committee set up by GICAM for strategic thinking on the Cameroon tax system.
His experience as Director of OILIBYA on the SCDP Board of Directors from 2008 to 2010, then as Chairman of the Audit Committee under the responsibility of the Board, makes it an essential asset for the transition that is taking place at the moment within this company with the departure of the former DG, Mr. Gaston ELOUNDOU ESSOMBA who became, since March, 5th 2018, Minister of Water and Energy and that of the DGA, Mr. Florent FRIMAT whose mission in Cameroon came to an end.
Mr. Gabriel ETEKI will be in charge of holding this house while waiting the appointment of a Director General. Above all, he will have the difficult task of helping to modernize and expand the activities of the SCDP in order to better fulfill its missions and the expectations of the Cameroon Government.